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Hello world!

This is my very first post and for that matter my very first blog! I am currently pursuing a master degree in Instructional Design and Technology. I will be using this blog as my place to research and investigate the field of Instructional Design, E-learning, and practical classroom strategies. My goal is to learn from other bloggers out there who are masters of their craft. So far I have found more than a few blogs and sites that I have found helpful. For now I will focus on three.

Ptotem Talk – I like this blog because it has valuable suggestions for establishing successful E-Learning courses. As a newbie in the field of Instructional Design, I found the posts on this blog very useful and especially like the links to FREE resources. Free is always good!!!

Cathy Moore – This blog focuses more on designing training. There are posts on focusing the of the training, saving time in the designing phase, and how o write challenging scenario questions.

McREL – I love this site!!! It addresses just about every topic a classroom teacher could think of from using technology in the class to should we assign homework. It also includes posts from parent and administrative perspectives.


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Thoughts of a Novice Instructional Designer

A record of my thoughts as I explore the field of instructional design.